Ez Cleaning 3 hours services

$120.00 $105.00

Rooms Basic Cleaning

Furnitures dusted, Light fixtures dusted, Mini blinds and window sills dusted, Ceiling fans dusted, Mirrors cleaned and polished, Pictures frames dusted, Floors vacuumed and washed, Changed sheets and made beds, Emptied trash, Everything cleaned on countertops, Cleaned sinks and windows over sinks, Window sills dusted,Oven outside, Microwave inside and out, Refrigerator outside, Cabinets washed outside, Metal fixtures cleaned and polished, Floors vacuumed and washed, Emptied trash, Sinks cleaned, Tubs-showers cleaned, Tiles, tracks and doors cleaned , Vanities /countertops cleaned, Toilets inside and out, Mirrors cleaned and shined, Metal fixtures cleaned and polished, Floors vacuumed and washed, Emptied trash.



Our standard cleaning supplies include regular grocery store type chemicals that are used in most homes today. We also offer biodegradable cleaning supplies that are all natural, environmentally safe, and sensitive to those who may have allergies.

Things you need to have at your home in before we come:

Sponges with scrubbing side, Magic Erasers, Brush, One full bottle of Windex, Easy Off- yellow oven spray, Clorox with bleach spray, Ajax powder, Swiffer Duster- yellow box, Swiffer Sweeper- green box (dry), Murphy’s Oil Soap mop, Vacuum plus extra vacuum cleaner bag or broom


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