Steam Cleaning

EZ Cleaning Providing Steam Cleaning

Ez cleaning Steam Cleaning includes Disinfection -Sanitation this is great for offices floor. Tiles,clean and fabric clean and sanitize bathrooms and so much more * please note that steam cleaning like fogging Disinfecting should be done after a deep cleaning of the apartment or office by ez cleaning services.


It is a nonchemical cleaning! All we use for cleaning is steam. Steam Cleaning is thorough cleaning of important parts of your apartment, house or office. 


=> Cleaning => Disinfection => Sanitation => Degreasing => Deodorization => Dry, clean, and sanitize any surfaces => Sanitize bathrooms => Clean and disinfect kitchens => Degrease stoves and ovens => Clean and refresh furniture, mattresses, couches, drapery, rugs, toys etc. => Get rid of allergens => Clean any floor => Clean grout and tile => Clean any fabric => Clean and sanitize bathrooms => Add a fresh scent => And so much more! *Please note that steam cleaning should be done after the deep cleaning of the commercial and residential by EZ Cleaning. If your commercial and residential is in basic condition (regular cleaning is done weekly or every other week) you may book steam cleaning and our team will be happy to help.