The Importance of Disinfection Cleaning

The year of 2020 put renewed focus on cleaning and disinfection due to the emergence and spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are a business owner trying to keep your business open and your customers safe, or you are a homeowner trying to reduce the risk of contamination in your own home, there is no better time to have your property properly cleaned and disinfected. 

The coronavirus, like many other viruses and diseases can be spread from person to person through close contact. It can, however, also be passed on if a person coughs or sneezes, and the droplets land of surfaces that other people then touch. Government guidelines call for frequent cleaning and disinfection to combat the spread of viruses, so it is important now, more than ever to be aware of the disinfection cleaning process.

Cleaning and disinfection are a two-step process. First comes cleaning which is important as it removes any physical dirt and stains from your property. Cleaning removes most germs but not all of them, so it is important to follow this step up with a disinfectant. If all surfaces are properly cleaned before disinfecting, it ensures that no germs are left hidden underneath dirt or organic matter so they can be properly targeted. The disinfectant will then destroy any virus or disease-causing germs from surfaces. 

When using disinfect it is important to select your product carefully and follow the manufacturers instructions. This is to ensure that the product is being used correctly so that it is as effective as possible. When buying disinfection products, it is important to consider the following:

  • Type of product – is the product a cleaner and a disinfectant combined, or simply a disinfectant? This is important as it tells you whether you need to add in an additional cleaning step before you use the product.
  • Does the product use the term ‘sanitise’, which has a lower kill level of specific germs, or ‘disinfect’ which has a higher kill level? This is important as it gives you an idea of the type of protection that you are getting from the product.
  • Contact time – This indicates the length of time that the product needs to be left on the surface to effectively kill any germs, viruses, or bacteria. This is important as if left for less time than suggested, the effectiveness of the product will be reduced.

Due to the high important of disinfection cleaning, particularly in today’s environment, it may be worth considering hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your home or business property safe. This will give you piece of mind as cleaning professionals can easily disinfect all aspects of your building, with a particular focus on high touch points. Professional cleaning companies provide a high-quality service and understand fully how to use each product to its direct specification, to ensure that it is as effective as possible. A cleaning company does the hard work for you, giving you time to focus on your business or busy schedule, while giving you piece of mind that your property is clean, safe, and secure. 

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