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EZ-Cleaning is the go to solution for commercial and residential cleaning, disinfection & decontamination in the New York area. With an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we’re proud to operate with a core ethos of respect and care for each of our clients. EZ-Cleaning values operational consistency, which means that we regard all jobs big or small with the same professional attitude and diligence. We’ve seen a lot in our 10+ years in the business, but with competitive prices, a passion for customer service and unbeatable results, we’ve enjoyed nothing in that time but continuous growth and a constant stream of satisfied clients. Join the hundreds who have already made the “EZ” choice  a contamination-free future is within your grasp!

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It’s true, there are other cleaning companies out there. What makes EZ-Cleaning the best choice for you, your business and your family? The answer to that lies in experience and quality.


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Founded in 2008, EZ-Cleaning is a family-run business operating out of Yonkers. Genuine customer service and devotion to diligent work are at the core of everything we do. Plus, unlike with other companies, all EZ-Cleaning clients have direct access to management, meaning that any queries or concerns will be heard at the highest level. We believe in accountability and offer this direct line of contact as solid proof of that.

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We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation of the message and smart incentives.
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