Post-Construction Cleaning

EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine: Expert Post-Construction Cleanup Services

Service Overview

If you’ve recently completed renovations or upgrades in your home or business, managing the aftermath can be overwhelming. EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine specializes in post-construction cleanup, providing a range of services to restore your space to its pristine condition.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Comprehensive Cleanup Services: Our expert team excels in debris removal, paper trash disposal, and thorough cleaning of floors and surfaces, ensuring a spotless environment post-construction.

  • Meticulous Cleaning Process: Our service assumes that the apartment is empty and all construction work is completed. To guarantee the highest standards, no workers are allowed in the apartment during our cleaning. While construction dust may persist for a few weeks, our meticulous approach ensures a significantly cleaner environment.

  • Customized Cleaning Solutions: Inform us in advance about specific requirements, such as paint, putty, or other marks that need removal. We provide cleaning supplies, excluding a vacuum cleaner and stepladder. Each room receives detailed attention, from dusting/vacuuming floors and walls to washing windows and cleaning baseboards.

In All Rooms:

  • Dusting/vacuuming floors and walls
  • Mopping floors (with Swiffer and wet cloth)
  • Cleaning inside all closets, cabinets, and drawers
  • Washing windows from inside (oversized windows welcome!)
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Taking out the trash (with consideration for items you don’t want thrown away)

In Bathroom:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the entire bathroom
  • Scrubbing walls, tub, toilet, and sink
  • Polishing bathroom faucets and mirrors

In Kitchen:

  • Cleaning inside the fridge, oven, and microwave
  • Cleaning countertops and stove tops
  • Cleaning kitchen cabinets

Why Choose EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine:

  • Fast and Reliable Post-Construction Cleanup: We prioritize efficiency, providing fast and reliable post-construction cleanup services. Your space will be ready for enjoyment sooner than you think.

  • Professional and Screened Team: Our housekeepers are professionals who take pride in delivering excellent work. Each cleaner undergoes a careful screening process, ensuring the highest quality of service for your home.

Revel in the joy of your newly upgraded space with confidence. Contact EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine today for a seamless post-construction cleanup experience!

Your time is precious, and we understand that cleaning is really just one more item on your to-do list.

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