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About EZ Cleaning

EZ-Cleaning is the go to solution for commercial and residential cleaning, disinfection and decontamination in the New York area. With an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we’re proud to operate with a core ethos of respect and care for each of our clients. EZ-Cleaning values operational consistency, which means that we regard all jobs big or small with the same professional attitude and diligence. We’ve seen a lot in our 10+ years in the business, but with competitive prices, a passion for customer service and unbeatable results, we’ve enjoyed nothing in that time but continuous growth and a constant stream of satisfied clients. Join the hundreds who have already made the “EZ” choice  a contamination-free future is within your grasp!

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Why Choose Us

It’s true, there are other cleaning companies out there. What makes EZ-Cleaning the best choice for you, your business and your family? The answer to that lies in experience and quality.

With over ten years in the industry, and decades of collective expertise shared among our core team, we’ve learnt our trade and built upon it with valuable real-world experience. We’ve watched health standards change, technology evolve and attitudes to cleanliness shift dramatically. Despite this, we’ve kept on the forefront of the cleaning industry, providing the best possible service allowed by current technology while remembering the lessons of the past.

Of course, it’s not just experience that’s gotten us to where we are. At EZ-Cleaning, we provide a thoroughness of service that is unrivalled by the wealth of shoddy, ‘budget’ cleaning services on the market. By treating every customer from small families to large corporations with the utmost respect, we inspire a real sense of trust and enjoy a large proportion of returning customers. Plus, with our “Next Day Call-Back” policy, there’s no chance that you’ll receive anything less than a spotless and 100% sterile home, office or workplace.

Cheaper companies may save you money initially, but their poorer quality of service with less effective, unbranded supplies and outsourced, inexperienced cleaners won’t penetrate deep into your home or workplace. It’ll be clean at first, but before long, it’ll be as if you never hired cleaners at all. With EZ-Cleaning, you’re paying for a deep treatment; the results will last.

It’s a concerning time, and the invisible threat posed by viruses and bacteria has never felt more real. We’re fighting like never before to ensure New York’s homes, schools and workplaces are clean and pathogen-free. Not only are we working tirelessly to keep you as safe as possible, but we’re doing so while strictly adhering to all government, CDC and Board of Health guidelines.

Our expert cleaning crew will, at a minimum, interact with you wearing protective gloves and face masks. Additionally, they now exclusively use EPA-registered disinfecting agents explicitly approved by the CDC and government to eradicate signs of COVID-19 from an environment.

Our experience making New York as clean, safe and secure as possible over these past 10 years has prepared us for an event like this. We’re determined to ensure both your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones at all times. By working together and making safety a top priority, we can start moving towards normality; we can reclaim the things that make life worth living.

Our History

Founded in 2008, EZ-Cleaning is a family-run business operating out of Yonkers, New York, serving the entire New York area with outstanding cleaning and medical-standard decontamination. Genuine customer service and devotion to diligent work are at the core of everything we do. Plus, unlike with other companies, all EZ-Cleaning clients have direct access to management, meaning that any queries or concerns will be heard at the highest level. We believe in accountability and offer this direct line of contact as solid proof of that.