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Stripping And Waxing

Revitalize Your Space with EZ Stripping and Waxing Services Why Choose EZ Stripping and Waxing Services: Your floors are more than just surfaces; they set the tone for your space. At EZ Cleaning, we specialize in comprehensive Stripping and Waxing services designed to rejuvenate and elevate your floors. Trust us to bring out the best […]
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Residential Cleaning

Ez Cleaning Dust & Shine: Elevating Your Residential Cleaning Experience Welcome to Ez Cleaning Dust & Shine , Where we bring you the exceptional “Ez Cleaning Dust & Shine” experience for residential cleaning. We understand the importance of a pristine and welcoming home, and our dedicated team is here to elevate your cleaning standards.    […]
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Carpet Cleaning

We give the best Services We clean carpets for clients throughout New York City from Manhattan to Queens, Brooklyn and the Westchester. Whether its food and beverage spills, pet stains and odors or ground in dirt, we tackle even the toughest carpet issues. With over 15 Years of cleaning experience, you can trust our reliable […]
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Fogging Disinfecting

We give the best Services Fogging disinfection is an incredibly effective method of bio-decontamination involving the deployment of disinfectant solutions in the form of a fine mist. It’s used in hospitals all over the world and is absolutely safe for humans, yet lethal to every type of pathogen (including Coronavirus). Our method is completely scalable, […]
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Post-Construction Cleaning

EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine: Expert Post-Construction Cleanup Services Service Overview If you’ve recently completed renovations or upgrades in your home or business, managing the aftermath can be overwhelming. EZ Cleaning Dust & Shine specializes in post-construction cleanup, providing a range of services to restore your space to its pristine condition. What Sets Us Apart: […]
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Office Cleaning

Unlock the Power of a Clean Office with EZ Cleaning Services   A clean and organized office isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a powerful driver of productivity and professionalism. At EZ Cleaning, we go beyond surface-level cleaning – we create an environment that enhances your business. Why Your Office Needs EZ Cleaning Services: Productivity Boost: […]
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Steam Cleaning

We give the best Services Ez cleaning Steam Cleaning includes Disinfection -Sanitation this is great for offices floor. Tiles,clean and fabric clean and sanitize bathrooms and so much more * please note that steam cleaning like fogging Disinfecting should be done after a deep cleaning of the apartment or office by ez cleaning services. STEAM […]
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